What my climbing shoes smelt like…after 6 years in a backpack

Glorious, chalky, sweaty, leathery, adventure.

They smelt…like climbing shoes.

Okay, this post isn’t really about the pong that comes from semi retired shoes stored for a ridiculous time. It is actually about rediscovering a passion that has fallen by the wayside, and for me that was climbing.

Parenthood has the tendency to swallow us whole, chew us up, and spit us out completely demolished and wondering who the hell we are. Maybe it is the sleep deprivation, hijacking of our body, complete restructuring of what is a priority, maybe even the fact that you all of the sudden never go to the toilet alone (hoping this isn’t just me).

The fact is, that for most, life is thrown off balance. The person we were before no longer exists in the same way, and that can be confronting… but also positive. Personally, in the first few years my energy was so focused on my babies that I did not have time (or make time) for the activities that really got me stoked. You know what I mean? Those things that feel like PLAY, that give you joy, that make your soul go HELL YAS!

I had been in that phase for about five or six years, and I was running on empty. I was over it. Something needed to change.

So, I signed up to a climbing intro course (no doubt I had lost all prior knowledge via pregnancy and breastfeeding), pulled out my climbing gear … and squashed my baby bearing feet into my tiny La Sportiva’s.

Two hours into the course I was beaming from ear to ear. I literally drove home screaming and fist pumping, filled with so much stoke I barely slept. After six years of half assed exercise my body was shattered and my forearms felt like the pump would never leave, they woke me at night cramping and confused. It was back to the starting line for me, but I had felt the stoke…I liked it… and I sure as hell didn’t want to pack my gear away again.

Seven months later I am so freakin happy that I pulled that bag out of storage, stinky shoes and all. I am not going to articulate everything I have gained, there will be other posts for that. Instead I want to ask you, when did you last feel stoked? Full of joy and motivation and play. (Something unrelated to being a parent, because we all know how stoked you get from simply preparing a meal your toddler happily eats)

Maybe it was only an hour ago, or a couple of days. Maybe it’s been a few weeks, a handful of months even…or maybe it has been years. There isn’t much time, not much energy, and likely even less sanity…I get it.


it’s worth it…

I promise.

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