A Mother’s Super Power; why we should not always push through

Mum’s have a Super Power* that we weren’t entirely born with, but that we focus and sharpen as we delve into motherhood. It’s creation begins in pregnancy and is enhanced through endless sleep deprivation, the constant cascade of childhood illness, absorbing countless emotional meltdowns, and generally being on call 24/7.

Before we even realise it we have lost the ability to feel remotely normal. What do I mean by “normal”? Well, we only vaguely remember what it is like to be fully rested, with optimal health and generally operating at peak performance. So this Super Power develops where we are able to function, when we actually feel like absolute shit.

Last week I did not feel great. I couldn’t put my finger on exactly what was going on; was it sleep deprivation, was it a lingering cold, was it that time of the month??? Eh… I kept going.

Friday came and I had a climb date with some awesome girls at a great gym, I was stoked, not feeling great…but still stoked. I was climbing solid, super calm and everything was flowing like gosh darn magic. But then I started feeling weird, all I wanted to do was sit down…my body was screaming at me to sit down! What do I do? Turn to my friends and say;

“I really don’t feel great but I can’t work out if I am tired or if something is wrong.” (hindsight; bloody idiot)

Fast forward two hours and I am curled in a fetal position at the after hours doctors, my fever is spiking, and people in the waiting room are giving me sympathy stares. The doctor announces I have pneumonia…*face palm*

I am laughing as I type this, but I understand that it is far from funny. All week I had a gut feeling that something was not right, but I ignored it. I didn’t want to admit something was wrong, I didn’t feel like I had time to deal with it, I was over having my plan’s interrupted by life. My Super Power kicked in and off I went, I just pushed through.

snapseed-1As useful and necessary as this Super Power is, we must remember that with great power comes great responsibility. I was dangerously sick and I ignored it. As mothers we need to start being more aware of when enough is enough. Take time to sit for even five minutes, and check in with our body “hey there, is there a giant infection building in you?”

As I am rediscovering climbing, and connecting with other mothers who have a passion for outdoor adventure, I am also aware that a balancing act is developing. We are driven to get outdoors, to equip ourselves with new skills, to grow strong and build endurance, all while playing in earths amazing wilderness. It is a vital and important journey for us wild women, it breathes inspiration into our world, and shows our children how their mama loves to PLAY. But we also need to learn to connect to ourselves and know when to rest, and when to ask for help.

It is not fun, and sometimes feels down right unfair, but we need to be okay with the fact that life is going to interrupt our plans. Take a deep breath…. let it go, find the tribe that will be there to hold us tight when we are down… and who will take our recharged Super Power hand, and run full pace toward the next adventure!

This week, Mums gone to bed…

Next week (fingers crossed), Mum’s Gone Climbing!

*mums have more then one Super Power, we have about 103

1 thought on “A Mother’s Super Power; why we should not always push through

  1. Very well written.I think you have found a new calling in writing and listening to the women’s conference made me think we each have an ability to reach out to others through our testimonies of eduring the challenges of motherhood.


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